As the projet will focus on selected regions of South and Southeast Asia, three regional task-forces (A, B, and C) of overlapping membership have been set up, each under the responsibility of one Host Institution. For each region, the respective task-force will not only work on the epigraphical corpora, but will also include, as far as possible and relevant, the two other main documentary bases of our study, i.e. transmitted texts and archaeological sources. A fourth task-force (D), non regional, will focus on the textual sources other than epigraphical.

Task-force A. The Tamil-Speaking South of India (Emmanuel Francis)

Task-force B. From the Deccan to Arakan (Annette Schmiedchen)

Task-force C. Southeast Asia (Arlo Griffiths)

Task-force D. Other Textual Sources (Dominic Goodall, Florinda de Simini)