Anantha Subramanya SARMA (@ S. A. S. SARMA / b. 1965) has a Post-Graduation in Sanskrit (1988) and a PhD (1991) from University of Calicut, Kerala. After his studies he began his carrier in the Adyar Library and Research Centre as a research scholar and worked under Prof. K. Kunjunni Raja and Prof. K. V. Sarma on various indological projects. S. A. S. Sarma joined the Pondicherry Centre of the École française d’Extrême-Orient (EFEO) as a researcher in 1989 and is presently engaged in editing Śaiva texts. At present he is preparing a critical edition of the commentary of Trilocanaśiva of 12th century AD, on Somaśambhupaddhati, a Śaiva ritual manual and also working on Kerala ritual manuals.

As part of the Dharma Project, S. A. S. Sarma will collaborate with Dominic Goodall and other members of the project on the edition and translation of the Naimittikakriyānusandhāna, a ninth-century ritual manual in Sanskrit and also will collaborate in editions of inscriptions that will be included in the epigraphic database. S. A. S. Sarma will also provide guidance for organising the digitised data collected as part of the Project in EFEO, Pondicherry.

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Selected Publications

2018 ‘Venerating Vēṭṭaykkorumakan (Son of Śiva and Pārvatī) through Ritual Arts’, in: Cracow Indological Studies Vol 20 No 1 (2018): Theatrical and Ritual Boundaries in South Asia. Part II, 2018, pp. 223-258.

2018 ‘Gāruḍa-Bhūta-Tantra Texts of Kerala’, in: Sanskrit and Cultural Studies: New Perspectives. Eds. V. R. Muralidharan and Sooraj, R. S., Kalady: Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit, 2018, pp. 776-784.

2018 ‘Vedic Ideals in Śaiva Religious Texts’, in: Reflections on Vedic Lore: New Dimensions. Ed. K. A. Raveendran. Malappuram, Kerala: Vallathol Vidyapeetham. 2018, pp. 159-186.

2018 ‘Support from Northern manuscripts in the editing of Śaiva Religious Texts with Special Reference to the Manuscripts of Nepal’, In: Journal of Manuscript Studies, Vol. 45 (2017, Appeared in July 2018), Trivandrum : Oriental Research Institute and Manuscripts Library, pp. 1-13.

2017 ‘Re-Installation of Idols Replacing Damaged Ones, with Special Reference to the Ritual Literature of Kerala’, In: Consecration Rituals in South Asia, Edited by Keul, Istvan, Leiden: Brill, 2017, pp. 223-240.

2016 ‘Trilocanaśiva : A 12th century Śaiva author of Tamil Nadu’, In: The Adyar Library Bulletin (Brahmavidyā, Vol. 80), Chennai: The Adyar Library and Research Centre, 2016, pp. 155-176.

2016 ‘The Priests of the Avudayar Temple in Tamil Nadu: Promoters of the Āgnivesyagrhyasutra‘, In: The Proceedings of the Vth International Vedic workshop, Bucharest 2011. Edited by Jan E. M. Houben, Julieta Rotaru & Michael Witzel. Cambridge: Harvard University, 2016. pp. 607-620.

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2014 The Dravyaguṇaśataslokī of Trimallabhaṭṭa. Critial Edition. (Co-edition). New Delhi: National Manuscript Mission and Nag Publishers, 2014.

2014 `Paḷḷiveṭṭa, or the ‘Royal Hunt in Prescriptive Literature and in Present-day Practice in Kerala’ in Cracow Indological Studies Vol. XVI (2014), pp. 289-314.

2014 `The infant Kṛṣṇa in the Guruvāyūr Temple with Particular Reference to the Nārāyaṇīya of Nārāyaṇabhaṭṭa’, In: The Archaeology of Bhakti I: Mathura and Maturai, Back and Forth, Emmanuel Francis & Charlotte Schmid (Eds.), Pondicherry: IFP/EFEO, 2014, pp. 323-339.

2013 The Dhyanaratnāvali of Trilocanaśiva: Critical Edition (Co-edition). Karaikkal (Tamil Nadu): Srimath Srikantha Sivacharya Research Institute, 2013.

2011 The Bhatimandākinī: An elaborate commentary by Pūrṇasarasvatī on the Viṣṇupādādikeśastotra. Critical Edition with English Translation and Notes (Co-edition), Pondicherry: IFP/EFEO, 2011.

2008 Kapilasmrti – Critically edited with introduction and notes. Translated in collaboration with H. N. Bhat. Torino (Italy): Corpus Iuris Sanscriticum, CESMEO, (Corpus Iuris Sanscriticum Volume VIII), 2008.

2004 The Pañcāvaraṇastava of Aghoraśivācārya: A twelfth-century South Indian prescription for the visualisation of Sadāśiva and his retinue (Co-edition), Pondicherry: IFP/EFEO, 2004.

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