Peter Pasedach is a classical Indologist. His interest and work is mostly on Mahākāvyas and their commentaries, and on Yoga philosophy and practice. He started his studies of Sanskrit in 2002 at Mainz, and finished his Magister at Hamburg in 2011, where in 2017 he subsequently submitted his doctoral thesis, a critical edition of the Haravijaya’s sixth canto and its commentaries, supervised by Harunaga Isaacson. In the course of its preparation he also spent half a year at Pondicherry on a scholarship by the EFEO, where he studied, among others, with Dominic Goodall. He has thus focused on the elaborate and difficult kāvya literature of the sort that is definitely of great help when deciphering and interpreting the politico-aesthetic poetry, replete with similar puns and word games, that characterises much of Indian epigraphy.

He is a contributor to SARIT, a repository and search interface of Indic texts in TEI format, on whose XSL transformations to LaTeX he has worked. He has also been the technical incharge for the typesetting of a few books, the last of which being the fourth volume of the Skandapurāṇa edition.

He is currently teaching Sanskrit at Leiden and involved in the creation of a Center for Yoga Studies at Hamburg.