Nina Mirnig (born 1982) is a research fellow at the Institute for the Cultural and Intellectual History of Asia at the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna. After completing her DPhil (2010) at Oxford University under the supervision of Alexis Sanderson, she held a post-doctoral position at the Institute for Indian Studies at Groningen University and a Gonda Fellowship at the International Institute for Asian Studies in Leiden prior to her current post.

Her research interests include the development and history of early Śaivism and its literary traditions (in particular early Śaiva tantras and manuals as well as the Śivadharma corpus), the formation of Śaiva devotional practices and institutions, rituals and beliefs concerning death and afterlife in Hinduism, South Asian epigraphy and the cultural history of early medieval Nepal. She has published a monograph on early Śaiva Tantric death rites (Mirnig 2018) and is currently preparing a critical edition and translation of the Śivadharmaśāstra chapters 1–5 and 9, including an introductory study on early layers of śivaliṅga-worship (Austrian Science Fund (FWF) P 27838). Further, she has been working on the study of Sanskrit Licchavi inscriptions (c. 5th–8th cent. CE) in the Kathmandu Valley and collaborating on archaeological projects since 2014; starting with 2019 she will lead a research project focusing on the corpus of Licchavi inscriptions (Austrian Science Fund (FWF) V 755).

For a complete CV and publication list, see http://www.ikga.oeaw.ac.at/Mitarbeiter/Mirnig.

Nina Mirnig is part of the Task-force D and will join the study of the Naimittikakriyānusandhāna. In addition she will be collaborating on work regarding the Śivadharma corpus.

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