Antoine Darchambeau (b. 1986) has a MA in History (2009) and a MA in Archaeology and Art History (2011) from the Université libre de Bruxelles – ULB, Brussels, Belgium.

Since 2011, he has worked as a contractual researcher, historian and field archaeologist for the Research Centre in Archeology and Heritage (CReA-Patrimoine) for different research projects in Europe (Brussels – medieval and modern periods, south of Belgium and Corsica – roman period) and at the international level (French archaeological mission in Petra, Jordan; Belgo-Peruvian archaeological mission in Pachacamac, Peru).

In addition to fieldwork, he specializes in post-excavation management, topographic, photographic, cartographic (GIS) surveys as well as photogrammetric surveys (3D/orthophotos).

Since 2017, he is involved in the French-Bangladeshi archaeological mission of Mahasthangarh, Bangladesh, as excavator, topographer and photogrammetry engineer.

He has contributed 3 months to DHARMA as a member of the Task-Force B (From Deccan to Arakan). He participated to the Mahasthan excavations in November/December 2019.

His hobbies are travelling, long-distance hiking and meeting people.

Selected publications

2019 DARCHAMBEAU A., Mission française de coopération archéologique au Bangladesh, Rapport d’activité 2019.

2018 DARCHAMBEAU A.., Bonifacio (2A) La Villa romaine de Piantarella, Rapport de fouille programmée, Association Archéologie & Patrimoine en Corse.

2017 DARCHAMBEAU A., Mission française de coopération archéologique au Bangladesh, Rapport d’activité.

2016 DARCHAMBEAU A., HUYVAERT F., BOUCARD J., THOLBECQ L., Un édifice pavillonnaire de fonction inconnue sur le sommet du Jabal Khubthah : la campagne 2016, Mission archéologique française à Pétra (Jordanie), Rapport des campagnes archéologiques 2015-2016, PUB, Bruxelles, 2016, p.59-78.

2013 DARCHAMBEAU A. & PARIDAENS N., Le site archéologique de « La Taille Marie » à Aiseau-Presles (Ht. Bel.). Rapport final des fouilles 2011-2013. 2 vol. (188 p. & 176 p.), CReA-Patrimoine / ULB, 2014 (rapport inédit).

2011 DARCHAMBEAU A., Un rivage à Bruxelles: identités, organisation et perception d’un quartier portuaire au XVIIIe siècle, Annales de la Société Royale d’Archéologie de Bruxelles, t.70, Bruxelles, 2009-2011, pp. 211-265.

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