Giulia Buriola is pursuing her PhD in Indian History at the University of Rome, “La Sapienza,” under the supervision of Prof. R. Torella and the co-supervision of Prof. F. De Simini (Naples University).

She received her MA in Modern South Asian Studies from Hamburg University (2017), with a thesis on the esthetical theory of emotions within the Rāmāyaṇa and one of its modern Hindi versions, N. Kohli’s Abhyudaya (1989). She obtained a second MA (one-year) from Leiden University (2018), with a thesis on the development and decay of Tātācārya family in a 15th-to-16th century Vijayanagara through the analysis of chapter 123-125 of the hagiographic work Prapannāmṛtam (17th cent).

Her current project revolves around the study of the Vaiṣṇava imagery and language within medieval, Sanskrit inscriptions from South India. A special interest within the material is devoted to the dissemination and circulation of the narrative of the Rāmāyaṇa as an exemplum of Vaiṣṇava symbolism.

Being especially interested in the creation and development of an online database containing this material, she started to approach the field of Digital Humanities. She is familiar with TEI, EpiDoc, Python and other tools.

In the ERC DHARMA project, she will contribute to the digitization operations and to the implementation of the online database, in close collaboration with F. De Simini and her team.

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