Dániel BALOGH (b. 1974) is a Sanskritist with a philological background and a current specialisation in epigraphy. He acquired his university diploma in Indology at ELTE, Budapest (2004), having also spent a year studying Hindi on a scholarship in Agra, India. He defended his PhD in Classical Antiquities (Sanskrit) at the same university in 2015.

He has worked for the Clay Sanskrit Library as an editorial assistant and has taught Sanskrit and Indian art and cultural history in Hungary. Recently, he spent three and a half years as a postdoc at the British Museum in the ERC Synergy project Asia Beyond Boundaries, working on inscriptions especially of north India and the Gupta period, with a research focus on the Aulikara dynasty. His work involved encoding the text and metadata of inscriptions in TEI EpiDoc and an epigraphic database.

In the ERC DHARMA project, he continues a similar line, dealing with Sanskrit epigraphic material relevant to the project and working on the digitisation of such material.

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