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Successful Mission at Mahasthangarh, Bangladesh

Recipe for a successful archaeological mission at Mahasthangarh in Bangladesh Use-by date: from 27 October until 22 December 2019

A blogpost by Coline LEFRANCQ

Morning glory at South-East of Bairaghi Bhita temples excavations 2019 ©  MAFBM


  • 1 amazing archaeological site
  • 1 excavation house close to the Museum of Mahasthangarh
  • 4 bodyguards to take care of the excavation house (Jumilla, Joana, Polash, Massud)
  • 4 local experts in pottery management (Ashraful, Zulfikar, Rizaul, Shopikul)
  • 44 very dedicated workers masters of the pickaxes and trowels
  • 1 boro boss Bangladeshi
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