Monthly Archives: June 2019

General Assembly — June 2019

25 June, 2019
Room 737
54 boulevard Raspail, 75006 Paris

The first General Assembly of the ERC DHARMA has been hosted by the CEIAS at the EHESS. It has been attended by the 3 PIs and the scientific coordinator of the partner Organization as well as by close collaborators, recently recruited at the CEIAS (Axelle Janiak), the EFEO (Adeline Levivier) and Humboldt University (Daniel Balogh, Jens Thomas).

Discussions were about: the preparation of the kickoff workshop of DHARMA to be hosted by Humboldt University in Berlin (September 16-22); the role of the European Project Manager in the Consortium; the digitization of epigraphical publications; the ordering of digital images; and other various topics.

In the second part of the afternoon, other project collaborators based in Paris joined the group to hear progress reports on work toward transliteration and encoding guidelines, work toward publication of Online Inventory of Nusantara Epigraphy and preparation of Data Management Plan.

On June 26, work sessions were held in smaller groups to further discuss: transliteration and encoding guidelines; metadata online encoding base; Data Management Plan (DMP).