• Chief editor: Emmanuel FRANCIS
  • Editorial Board: Solène CHEVALIER (2020, CNRS, CEIAS-UMR 8564, EHESS-CNRS, Paris)
  • Header photography credits: set of photographs displayed on, header image created with Photoshop 21.2.4 by S. Chevalier, 2020.
  • Previous header photography credits: Uruvapalli copper-plate grant of the Pallava Dharmayuvamahārāja Śrīviṣṇugopavarman, plate 2 verso, ca 450. Photo: E. Francis, 2017. Courtesy of the Edinburgh University Library, Centre for Research Collections.
    Uttiramērūr, Vaikuṇṭhaperumāḷ, inaugural svasti śrī of a Pallava inscription. Photo: E. Francis, 2019.
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