Inscriptions of the Pallavas by T.V. Mahalingam (IP)

A corpus of 375 inscriptions, mostly in Tamil (transliterated) and Sanskrit (in Devanāgarī) but also some in Telugu and Kannaḍa, from the 4th to the 9th c. The texts are not translated, but are summarized, sometimes in details. Published in 1988, but not proof-read by the author (1907-1983).

Inscriptions of the Pudukkottai State (IPS)
Inscriptions of the Western Gangas by K.V. Ramesh (IWG)
Pondicherry Inscriptions by B. S. Kuppuswamy & G. Vijayavenugopal (PI)

A corpus of 535 inscriptions, mostly in Tamil but also in Latin, French, edited in original characters and translated, from the 10th c. onwards.

Sanskṛit and Old Canarese Inscriptions by J. F. Fleet (SOCI)

A series of articles that appeared in The Indian Antiquary, from volume 4 (1875) to volume 20 (1891). Fleet provides texts in Indic characters, transliterations, translations and facsimiles of 196 inscriptions in Sanskrit, Kannaḍa, Tamil in various scripts, from the 5th c. onwards. First entitled Sanskṛit and Old Canarese Inscriptions, later changed to Sanskrit and old-Kanarese inscriptions.

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