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The Information Centre of Arikamedu

An ancient port on the eastern sea coast of South India

Satellite image showing the location of Arikamedu, ©Google Earth

Arikamedu is a famous archaeological site: it was an ancient port involved in the so-called Indo-Roman trade from the 3rd c. BCE until the 3rd c. CE, with a continuity up to the medieval period. Even if the evidence of trade with Southeast Asia is scarce for the ancient period, it increases considerably during the later period, attesting that Arikamedu was also part of the Asian network.

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Continuous Reporting – DHARMA Financial Report, period 1

And here it is!
The first Financial Report of the DHARMA Project is to be delivered the 31st of October.

This important milestone for the project requires all members’ attention, especially if any documents are needed from your side. Please make sure to check  your email inbox regularly in case one of the PIs or the EPM ask for your input.

We will need to present the project’s progress over the past 18 months and demonstrate the appropriate alignment of the planned activities and work achieved, complying with the budget allocated.

All PIs count on your collaboration in this process. Gathering evidence to justify our expenses is key to retaining the rest of the project’s funding!

Back-to-school 2020 – Latest members onboarding

Dear All,

The DHARMA project is still going on, despite some ups and downs the past months due to the COVID-19 crisis.

We have the pleasure of announcing the arrival of two new members in Paris:
Salomé PICHON, who is doctoral student under the guidance of the EFEO Principal Investigator, Arlo GRIFFITHS.
And Solène CHEVALIER, who is succeeding to Audrey TAVERDET as European Project Manager,  at the CNRS, the Host Institution, under responsibility of corresponding Principal Investigator, Emmanuel FRANCIS.

We hope all project members have come  pleasantly  “back-to-school” and  that the beginning of the new academic year gives a new impulse to your research and fieldwork!

Re-editing an inscription from a poor-quality scanned estampage

A blogpost by Dániel Balogh

Ideally, digital re-editions of inscriptions should be based on a fresh look at the original or a high-quality surrogate. But what do you do when all you have at hand is a previous edition and a facsimile that has been scanned in rather poor quality? To put it another way, how important is a superb surrogate for a previously edited text?

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Cambodian Epigraphy Workshop: the stele K. 1297

A blogpost by Louise Roche

The unpublished Cambodian inscription K. 1297, engraved in Sanskrit on a two-sided stela, provides rich information about political and religious life in Cambodia in the  12th century. The stela was purchased by a collector at the Hôtel Drouot in Paris by a collector before 2011, and the work of publishing the inscription was entrusted to Arlo Griffiths.

Photo of the stele

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