Bumiayu (Indonesia)

The archaeological component of the Task-force C will focus on the site of Bumiayu, in South Sumatra. The aim is to understand the material organisation of this unique Hindu community, as well as its economic and environmental impact on the region.

Bumiayu is situated in an area that, from the 7th to the 10th c., was under the authority of Śrīvijaya. First reported by Tombrink (1870), the site is located on the Lematang River. Until now, twenty mounds have been identified. Diagnostic excavations have shown that all of them are remnants of brick structures. The five buildings that have been excavated more completely have yielded a rich carved decoration (antefixes, friezes etc.). A few stone statues of Hindu gods have also been found. Based on Chinese ceramics, Sondang Siregar
(2005) determined that the occupation of the site began in the 8th century and lasted until the 13th.

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