Presentations by Renato Dávalos at the International Congress of ALADAA

From November 20th to 24th, 2023, the Universidad de Costa Rica hosted the biannual XVIII International Congress of ALADAA (Latin American Association for Asian and African Studies).

DHARMA team member Renato Dávalos from Task Force A (The Tamil South) at the CNRS in Paris presented three papers:

  • The Ethics of Devotion in the Tamil Śaiva Sidhānta
  • Translation challenges for the Spanish translation of Kālidāsa’s Meghadūta
  • The relevance of syntax in the translation of classical Tamil into Spanish: the case of Muttoḷḷḷāyiram

As part of this set of conferences, Renato also made a presentation about the organization and the scope of the DHARMA project introducing the Latin American academics to some of the specialized open-access resources produced by the project.

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