December 1, 2023 : “Rencontre Conférence-Débat”

On December 1, 2023, two DHARMA members, Florinda De Simini and Emmanuel FRANCIS, will take part in an event organized by the GREI – Groupe de Recherches en Études Indiennes.

Florinda De Simini, PI of the Śivadharma Project, will give a hybrid talk entitled “Fall, Punishment, Redemption. Exploring Human Transgressions and their Ramifications in Early Śaivism” at the “Centre des Colloques” in Aubervilliers. To attend to it online or in-person, see the flyer below and here.

This hybrid event will be followed by an in-person one: a round-table discussion on ERC fundings conducted by Judit Törzsök. The three experts invited to talk about this topic are Florinda DE SIMINI (PI of the Śivadharma Project), Emmanuel FRANCIS (cPI of the ERC-DHARMA Project) and Georges-Jean PINAULT (PI of the ERC-HisTochTexT).

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