“Shantaladevi: The History and Mythos of an “Exceptional” Hoysala Queen,” A Webinar by Samana Gururaja

On 21st July, 2023, DHARMA team member Samana Gururaja from Task Force B in Berlin presented a webinar for the series “From Konkan to Coromandel:Deccan Heritage, Art and Culture.”

The series is co-organised by the Center of Islamic Studies, University of Cambridge, and the Art, Resources, and Teaching Trust, based in Bangalore. Geared towards a general audience, the presentation entitled “Shantaladevi, the History
and Mythos of an ‘Exceptional’ Hoysala Queen” introduced the audience to the sources that have formed the basis of the well-known popular history around the twelfth-century figure of Shantaladevi.

The entire webinar is now available on Youtube, here:

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Emmanuel Francis (August 4, 2023). “Shantaladevi: The History and Mythos of an “Exceptional” Hoysala Queen,” A Webinar by Samana Gururaja. DHARMA project ERC n° 809994. Retrieved July 15, 2024 from https://doi.org/10.58079/nkhe

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