International Summer School “Huma-Num DISTAM” in partnership with DHARMA (July 2023) / Infos & Registration

The Huma-Num DISTAM (Digital Studies Africa, Asia, Middle East) consortium is designed as a reference and working space for the development of digital humanities applied to areal studies. Dedicated to researchers, research engineers and librarians alike ; the purpose is to facilitate access to reference resources in digital humanities: constitution and edition of corpus, text mining, the enhanced reporting of holdings or the visualization of geographical and chronological data. It is also to think through the ethical and legal issues specific to digital data and metadata related to its areas of specialization.

The ERC – DHARMA project is a partner of this consortium thanks to the collaborative work of its member, Coline Lefrancq (with Vanessa Guéno and Romain Tiquet) in the DISTAM Working Group 4 which tackles the ethical and legal issues of research digital data in areal studies.




This year, the consortium’s summer school will be held from 3rd to 7th July 2023 at the University of Strasbourg with the following theme “Sharing its sources in areal studies: tools and methods of digital humanities”. The programme (updated regularly) can be consulted on the consortium’s notebook:

This summer school is opened to all researchers, professors, PhD students, engineers and librarians who would like to learn and/or improve their mastery of digital humanities methodologies applied to areal studies.

Registration is free but mandatory and will be closed on Sunday, 21, May in the evening:

Financial assistance is available, further informations and guidelines can be found at:

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