Csaba Dezső Dharma-visiting professor at L’Orientale / Talks & Readings program (May-June 2023)

From May 15th, 2023, L’Orientale University of Naples will host for five weeks dr. Csaba Dezső, from Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, as a visiting professor at the Department Asia Africa and Mediterraneo. Csaba’s stay in Naples is entirely supported by the DHARMA project, and will allow him to work with the local team on topics that are relevant to our contribution to the project. Additionally, as part of his visiting period, he will offer two public talks and four reading sessions. 



Here is the program below:


Talk n°1: 17th May, 16:30 CET – Palazzo Corigliano, sala delle conferenze, secondo piano (L’Orientale University of Naples)

“Reading classical Indian literature (kāvya) as a source of history”


Talk n°2: 24th May, 16:30 CET – Shivadharma Office, Palazzo Giusso, secondo piano (L’Orientale University of Naples)

“The aesthetics of ruins in classical Indian literature (kāvya)”


The reading sessions will start on May 16th, 11:30 am (CET) and will have as main topic the reading of Csaba’s ongoing edition of the Bālarāmāyaṇa by Rājaśekhara, a work that he is doing in collaboration with SAS Sarma (EFEO-Pondicherry, Dharma Project), and dr. Andrey Klebanov (University of Vienna). Following sessions have been scheduled on May 18th (11:30 am CET), May 30th (9:30 am CET) and June 1st (9:30 am CET). 


To join the meeting :


Meeting ID: 913 1936 2004

Passcode: 216827

Contact: florindadesimini@gmail.com 

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