DHARMA Project Worskhop in Pondicherry (January 2023)

A DHARMA Project workshop is to take place from 30th January through 3rd February 2023 in the Pondicherry Centre of the EFEO. The focus is on epigraphy, though other disciplines will be represented, and the rallying theme is “Education”. Participants will be pooling their discoveries regarding what our sources can tell us about this topic: provisions for teaching and texts that are taught (whether Sanskrit or not), provisions for looking after learned persons (whether brahmins or not), architectural spaces intended for preaching, for studying or for conserving books, provisions for writing, remarks about script-practices, involvement in the arts (letters, music, dancing…), the ways in which educational qualifications are presented, etc. As well as papers, to be delivered in the mornings, there will be reading sessions in the afternoons, devoted to a range of epigraphical and non-epigraphical sources.

Please find the full programme here.

Please find the zoom-link to the event here

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  1. Emmanuel Francis says:

    The zoom link for the workshop is available here: https://dharma.hypotheses.org/4744. All sessions will be online.

  2. Emmanuel Francis says:

    The workshop will mostly be live. There are just a few online sessions for the speakers who could come to Pondicherry.

  3. Fabrizia Baldissera says:

    A very interesting program indeed! In a bhāṇa text I edited several years ago there is a short reference to a music teacher, and to girls going to his class, for instance. The text mentions a dispute between a jaṅgama and a vaiṣṇava, so it is certainly post 12th century, while one of the manuscripts was brought to England in the 17th…

    Will the seminar be also available online?

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