A one-day DHARMA panel at the DOT held at Freie Universität Berlin from 12th to 17th September

DHARMA has organised a one-day panel on “Self-Representation and Presentation of Others in Epigraphical Writing” for the Indology section of Deutscher Orientalistentag to be held at Freie Universität Berlin from 12th to 17th September 2022.
All the panel papers are scheduled for Thursday, 15th September (please see the PDF programme below). Our DHARMA team members Dániel Balogh, Samana Gururaja, Jarrah Sastrawan, Annette Schmiedchen and Amandine Wattelier-Bricout, and our DHARMA external experts Natasja Bosma and Ryosuke Furui, as well as Tillo Detige, Suchandra Ghosh, Dev Kumar Jhanjh, Luther Obrock, and Jae-Eun Shin as guests will participate with their presentations. Florinda De Simini has organised a panel on ” The History of Śaivism through Textual and Material Evidence“ scheduled for Tuesday, 13th September 2022. Team members and external experts of DHARMA will give lectures in other panels, too. If you are in Berlin in September, do not miss these events.
For information, please see :https://dot2022.de/en

DOT-Preliminary-Programme_DHARMA Panel

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