DHARMA team will present conferences to the WAC-9 (virtually) and to the EASAA 2022 organised in Barcelona! Don’t miss it! Check both programs below! 

Wednesday, 6 July 2022
Coline Lefrancq, Aude Favereau, Bérénice Bellina : Discussing the early Bay of Bengal networks in the light of early historical Indian and Indian-related ceramic from Peninsular Thailand and Myanmar
Vincent Lefèvre (in collaboration with Coline Lefrancq): Mahasthan and the Gupta riddle
Monday, 4 July 2022
Coline Lefrancq : The archaeological site of Mahasthangarh in Bangladesh: assessment and perspectives in the framework of the ERC project – DHARMA (ID 580)
Coline Lefrancq, Bérénice Bellina, Aude Favereau : Recent discoveries made by the French Archaeological Mission in Peninsular Thailand and Myanmar on the pottery of “Indian” origin or of “Indian” influence (ID 1282)

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  1. Marilyn says:

    If possible, I would very much appreciate online viewing of the conference. The event has just come to my attention. I do hope this reaches you on time! Thank you.

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