Welcome to our new ERC DHARMA member: Amandine Wattelier-Bricout

Amandine Wattelier-Bricout joined the project in January 2022 as a member of the TF-B team!

In the ERC DHARMA framework, her study of the corpus from Orissa dedicated to the Somavaṁśin dynasty focuses inter alia on four main issues:

  1. First she observes how the Somavaṁśin kings represent themselves as Śaiva devotees and searches clues in order to identify to which Śaiva religious movement they belong.
  2. Then she analyses the contents and the structure of the copperplates in order to highlight the ritual procedures underlying these land gifts and to determine which features are specific to this dynasty.
  3. She also devotes a particular attention to gifts made by women and their status in these rituals.
  4. Finally she is interested in the presence of trees within the descriptions of the given grounds and in the manner they are protected by prescriptions or warnings.

To know more about Amandine Wattelier-Bricout, please click on her profile page.

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