Synergy within and beyond DHARMA – Third Annual Workshop in Indian Epigraphy

During the 2-week Third Annual Workshop in Indian Epigraphy, hosted by the University of Toronto and held from 14th through 25th June, members of the DHARMA team, notably of Task-Force B, were among the organisers and participants.

The workshop was a great success with some 50-60 participants hailing from Asia (India, Thailand, China, and Japan), America, and Europe.

Annette Schmiedchen led reading sessions on Maitraka, Rāṣṭrakūṭa, and Śilāhāra epigraphy. Dániel Balogh contributed substantially to the discussions on palaeography, translation, and interpretation of the inscriptions in all the sessions, including those on Kadamba and Calukya epigraphy.

Both team members actively participated in the discussions on theoretical issues and on the implications and future prospects of epigraphic research. 

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