Indian History – Online Lecture Series

Two ERC-Project DHARMA members gave online lectures in further synergy with the ERC- Project Shivadharma.

Dr. Coline Lefrancq, CNRS. 2020, May 12th.
“The archaeological site of Mahastangarh in Bangladesh: assessments and perspectives & Overview of an ongoing project on the creation of a center of information at Arikamedu”.

Dr. Annette Schmiedchen, Humboldt Universität. 2020, May 20th.
“The eulogistic sections (praśastis) of the Rāṣṭrakūṭa copper-plate charters — fiction versus history”.

To join next lecture, please contact Florinda De Simini.

Florinda De Simini, Associate Professor at the L’Orientale – Università degli studi di Napoli, head of the The Śivadharma Project – ERC Starting Grant Project (2018-2023), associate researcher in the DHARMA project. 

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